Airbase make up for long lasting looks

High definition make up for a finish which lasts all day!  The perfect make up solution for weddings, special occasions, business and media work.

Airbase Make up

Airbase is the latest high definition airbrush make up, which provides a flawless finish, lasts all day and doesn’t move!

Widely adopted by film and TV personalities, Airbase requires no touch ups. It gives great coverage and feels light and luxurious on your skin. Using a silicone base, with added Vitamins A and E, it allows your skin to breathe and will not clog your pores. Airbase make up is very pliable, non-stick and lightweight, and, most importantly, you will barely notice that you are wearing it.

Perfect for weddings, special occasions and important work functions, Airbase is heat resistant, meaning that it will last for hours, wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Your make up will stay in place and look flawless whether you are under hot camera lights, on a conference platform or dancing the night away.

Airbrushing is now widely used by make up teams on TV productions, such as Strictly and X Factor, because its flawless finish is almost undetectable even under harsh camera lights and HD TV.


Airbase uses a unique atomising spray technique called Airbrushing. It creates tiny make up particles resulting in a natural look, with your make up much less visible than conventional foundations.

Our Airbase specialist make up artist will expertly apply Airbrush make up in the salon, or in your own home as part of our Bridal make up and beauty packages. This includes your eye makeup, which will be applied first, while an Airbase foundation and blusher or bronzer is then applied, sealing the eye make up in and keeping it in place all day.

Appointment info

Airbase make up session – 30 minutes

In-Salon trial – up to 60 minutes depending on your required look.

Book an In-Salon Trial now!

Please see our price list for full details.  If you are getting married, see our our Bridal Make Up and Treatment Packages.

Please ensure that you cleanse and tone your face before you Airbase is applied.

Avoid using oily moisturizers, as our makeup artist will apply a primer to your skin before applying the Airbase make up.

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