Dermalogica facial treatments at Portdown Skin and Beauty Clinic

Redefining your skin health. Using Dermalogica’s Skin Care and Facial Mapping we will select the best facial treatment for you. Be prepared to be amazed. Your skin will never have felt as clean or as healthy.

Dermalogica Prescriptive Facial

Our prescriptive Dermalogica facial is a 75 minute treatment which includes a thorough skin consultation and Dermalogica’s unique Face Mapping process.

Your skin is then treated to a full 60 minute facial which targets problem areas starting with a double cleanse and steam, followed by exfoliation, brushing, and extraction removal if necessary, followed by our complexes and masks and a moisturiser and eye product.

This facial will be tailor made to suit all skin types and all skin conditions using Age Smart, Medibac, Chroma White and Ultra Calming products lines.

All our Dermalogica facials include a back, neck, and shoulder massage.

Dermalogica Microzone Facial

This treatment is designed for solving skin care concerns between full prescriptive facials by concentrating on a specific zone and treating that condition. We will guide you through the relevant products suitable for your skin conditions and advise which you will need to continue great health care at home.

The Microzone Dermalogica facial treatment is great for those wanting to maintain their skin in between facials, or for those short of time who want to target a specific area.

Treatment time is 30 minutes and the facial does not include any massage or touch therapy. An ideal treat for those with a busy schedule, a microzone facial can be done on a lunch break or in between other treatments.

Dermalogica Touch Therapy

Dermalogica’s unique touch therapy can be added to any facial and will extend the treatment by 15 minutes. Choose from the following options:

  • Hand and arm touch therapy
  • Leg and foot touch therapy
  • Foot massage
  • Head massage
  • European face massage
  • Stress relief and pressure point massage

If you would like to book additional touch therapy to be included in your treatment, please inform us at the point of booking, or select ‘additional touch therapy’ when booking online.

Dermalogica Facial plus Electricals

For a more deeply exfoliating facial, electrical treatments such as microdermbarsion can be added to any Dermalogica facial. As part of your initial consultation and face mapping, the therapist will identify areas which may benefit from the use of microdermabrasion, such as dry, hard, or scarred skin, or, fine lines and wrinkles. However, you can book additional time as part of your Prescriptive or Microzone facial if you feel you would like to try electrical treatment.

Adding microdermabrasion will extend the treatment by a further 15 minutes. Please mention that you would like it when booking so that we can allow extra time.

Dermalogica Skin Care & Face Mapping

Following your treatment, you will be given samples to enable you to continue your home skin care regimen. You will also be given a Dermalogica skin care pack with the record of your Face Mapping and recommendations for home care.

We stock a comprehensive range of Dermalogica skin care products.  If you would like to purchase any of the prescriptive skin care items used during your facial, feel free to browse our product stand in the clinic and ask your therapist for some guidance.

You can also use our online Dermalogica Shop.

For Dermalogica facial treatment prices please see our Beauty treatment price list.

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