Lashes and Brows

Look great. Save time. What’s not to like? Our professional eyelash and brow treatments mean you stay looking great on the beach, or just relaxing in the garden.

Tinting & Perming


For thicker, longer, more elegant lashes, our eyelash tinting and perming treatments will ensure an even colour or curl from root to tip.   Eyelash tints and perming can reduce the need to wear mascara, which can run and smudge.

Tinting and perming eyelashes is ideal if you do a lot of sports, such as watersports, running or cycling, suffer from streaming eyes, spend a lot of time outdoors or are going on holiday.

Tinting your eyebrows to match your hair colour gives more definition to your eyes. Plus, an eyebrow perm can help to lift, refine and frame your face.

Hi Brow Eyebrows

Make an impact with our Hi Brow eyebrows. Ensure an even, professional and tailored look to suit your face and hair style.

Our  shaping treatment using Hi Brow eyebrows will sculpt your brows into the perfect shape for your face. This unique treatment includes tinting, shaping and stenciling, creating beautiful high definition brows that frame your face and eyes.

We offer a range of lengths and thicknesses to suit you. Our therapist will take your hair style, colouring and facial features into account as she creates your perfect high definition Hi Brow style.

 Before & after


All first time tinting procedures require a patch test 24 hours prior to your treatment, even if you are used to regular tinting. Once tested, no further tests are required.

A colour top-up tint is recommended every three weeks.

Eyelash Enhancements

Lash Perfect semi permanent lashes are the premier brand of long lasting single eyelash extensions. Unlike conventional home extensions, Lash Perfect extensions can last up twelve weeks depending on your natural lash growth cycle and lifestyle. In order to achieve the maximum longevity from your lashes, we recommend that you attend for regular infills every two weeks.

By adhering a Lash Perfect synthetic eyelash to each of your individual eyelashes, you will achieve a thicker and enhanced natural look. Light and comfortable to wear, there is a choice of lengths, thicknesses, colours and a variety of curls to suit all client types.


La La Lashes are very lightweight, natural looking lashes which are applied in a single session and last up to two weeks. They adhere to your natural lashes without any contact to your skin, and are great for weddings, or other important occasions, and require no maintenance or follow up treatments.

Applied by our expertly trained beauty therapist, Lash Perfect eyelashes are made from high quality materials and use a very fine, medical grade adhesive, which complies with both EU and ISO standards.

Your eyes will remain closed throughout the treatment.

Appointment info

  • Eyebrow tinting – 20 minutes
  • Eyelash tinting – 20 minutes
  • Eyebrows & eyelash tinting – 30 minutes
  • Eyelash perming – 45 minutes
  • Hi Brow Eyebrows – 30 minutes
  • Lash Perfect treatments – between 60-90 minutes
  • La La Express Lash treatments – 30 minutes
  • You will be supplied with important aftercare information, to maximize the life of your Lash Perfect and La La eyelash extensions.

Please call us on 023 9262 7766

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