Leg, bikini, arm and underarm waxing in Portsmouth

Our full range of waxing treatments include strip and hot waxes to ensure you will have smooth and clear skin.


For smooth and hair free skin, we offer hot wax treatments and warm strip waxes for legs, arms, facial hair and bikini lines. For half, three quarter and full leg waxing, warm strip waxes are normally used.

Hot wax is particularly suited to your facial and sensitive areas, if you require more frequent waxing, or if you have either softer or lighter tone to you hair.

During all waxing procedures, the skin is pre-treated to remove all oils, and a talc is applied which ensures the wax grabs the hair and not your skin. Afterwards, a post-wax lotion, oil or aloe vera gel is applied.

After care

For 24 hours after waxing, we recommend that your treated skin must avoid hot baths and showers, heat treatments like saunas or sun beds. And, even though there are plenty of beaches and sea front around the Portsmouth and Chichester area, you should avoid swimming or direct exposure to the sun for that first day.

Use of perfumed or fragranced products directly on the waxed area should also be avoided.

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Appointment Info

  • Forearm – 20 minutes
  • Full arm – 30 minutes
  • Underarm – 15 minutes
  • Half leg – 30 minutes
  • 3/4 leg – 45 minutes
  • Full leg – 45 minutes

If hot wax is required for arm or leg wax, please add 30 minutes extra / area. Additional fee for hot wax will apply, price on consultation.

  • Bikini standard/extended – 15 minutes
  • Brazilian – 30 minutes
  • Hollywood – 40 minutes

If hot wax is required for bikini wax, please add 15 minutes extra / area. Additional fee for hot wax will apply, price on consultation. If you are having a bikini wax for the first time, please advise us on booking. You will need to allow an extra 15 minutes for your appointment. 

  • Lip or Chin Wax – 10 minutes / area
  • Eyebrow – 10 minutes
  • Other facial ares – 10 minutes/area

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