CACI Ultimate facial treatments and non-surgical enhancements

CACI is an award winning non-surgical facial and facelift system. At the forefront of technology, our CACI treatments deliver outstanding corrective results, without the need for surgery or invasive procedures.

Why should I try CACI Ultimate?

Many factors, such as your genetics, lifestyle, diet and environmental will affect the degree to which your muscles maintain their tone and contribute to looking older. First impressions count.  Looking good makes you feel good too! As you develop facial lines and contours it can make you look tired or sad, even when you are not feeling it. Having a course of CACI Ultimate facial treatments is an easy and painless way to make a big difference!

What is CACI Ultimate?

Known as “the non-surgical face lift’, CACI uses a micro-currents to stimulate tiny electrical impulses in your muscles. CACI is a British brand founded in 1992. Over 20 years of research and development is behind the Classic CACI. It stands for ‘Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument’ and is one of the World’s finest micro-current facial technologies.

Pioneered for medical science

CACI was originally developed for treating facial palsy, strokes, brain clots and muscular injuries. It is widely used in burns units to heal and repair skin, and is regularly used in hospitals in the UK and USA. It is used extensively for wound healing and has a variety of cosmetic benefits too.

How does CACI Ultimate work?

The unique combination of specific wave-forms and ultra-low frequencies work mimic your body’s own bio-electrical field. These tiny electrical impulses and signals stimulates muscle tone and enhance your skin tissue. The effect it creates improves your skin tissue and re-programmes your muscles to either shorten or lengthen.

It helps to increase blood and lymph circulation, which increases the production of collagen and elastin. It re-educates your muscles and enhances the penetration of the active ingredients of skin care formulations. The stimulation by the micro-current has a dramatic lifting effect on your facial muscles and facial contours.  You have 30 muscles in your facial area, which are all connected to your skin’s surface. So, that is why we see immediate results from the CACI Ultimate treatment.

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