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How can I look younger for longer?

Your skin can change over time for a variety of reasons including natural ageing, exposure to the sun, the elements, our lifestyles, stress levels and weight loss. Facial aesthetics can help to subtly enhance or restore our looks, and help you look younger for longer. There are a variety of non-surgical, simple treatments, chosen by women and men of all ages.

Portsdown Aesthetics clinic is based within Portsdown Skin & Beauty at our luxury salon in Cosham, Portsmouth. Our team of highly trained medical aesthetics doctors, Dr Richard Mannings and Dr Jayesh Gohil, will help you find the exact anti-ageing treatment to suit your lifestyle and time of life.


Many twenty to thirty year olds, often want to enhance a particular feature. This can be adding a little volume to your lips, or boosting your cheek profile.

Which treatments?

30s & 40s

In our thirties and forties, especially for professional workers with stressful lifestyles, it can be important for careers and also social lives to stave off the ageing process. This is where simple Botox treatments can help prevent the formulation of those worry lines and wrinkles, to ensure you look young for your age.

Which treatments?


Moving into our fifties and beyond, the effects of ageing can begin to make their mark. We offer rejuvenation treatments such as dermal fillers, which can be used to restore volume in your face, and augment your features.

Which treatments?

We all want to ward off the effects of ageing. Subtle rejuvenation techniques, such as adding a little more volume to lips or cheeks, can put the clock back a few years. So, why not make your friends sit up and take notice and say “You look great – have you done something different to your hair?”

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