Combat the effects of ageing at Portsdown Skin and Beauty Clinic, Portsmouth, Hampshire

How can I reduce the effects of ageing?

It’s a fact that as you get older your skin will change.  But there are many ways this process can be reduced.

With the effects of ageing you tend to lose both volume and bone density in your face. This can mean your lips get thinner, chin protrudes, eye sockets enlarge and your cheeks have less volume. Facial ageing is caused by changes in your bone, density, muscle tissues as well as the skin. Changes in one tissue layer can also have an effect on the other layers.  At Portsdown Aesthetics Clinic we can help you slow down and reduce these effects with our anti-ageing Botox® and anti-wrinkle treatments.

Effects of ageing on skin

As you age, your skin is more likely to wrinkle, or sag with gravity. It can become thinner, drier and less elastic.

Which treatments?


Collagen helps your skin retain its hydration and elasticity.As you get older, loss of collagen in the middle layer of your skin (the dermis) is a key effect of the ageing process. Loss of collagen reduces the skins ability to retain elasticity and moisture, which can cause skin to become drier, less supple and thinner.

Which treatments?


Youthful looks depend on the right levels of facial fat being in the right places. With ageing, some areas of your face can lose fat, such as cheeks and the forehead, whilst areas such as the mouth and jaw can gain fat. This redistribution of fat can lead to changes in facial volume and loss of smoothness.

Which treatments?
The ageing process

Typical signs of an ageing face:

  • Greater visibility of prominent bones, lines and wrinkles

Increased prominence of forehead lines

  • Naso-labial folds become more prominent
  • Mid-facial hollowing (loose skin)
  • Changes around the mouth such as vertical wrinkles, lip thinning and loss of volume
  • Development of marionette lines around the ends of the lips

You don’t have to put up with all the effects of ageing. Our qualified medical doctors can help you keep your skin young.

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