Veinwave for removal of broken thread veins

What are thead veins?

‘Spider’ or thread veins are fine broken veins which  can commonly appear on your legs, and also the face, creating a reddish complexion.

Veinwave is a very effective technique developed by leading vascular surgeons to permanently remove these unsightly veins.

Quick and permanent results

Veinwave is an instant and permanent treatment, often selected by men with ruddy complexions. It is suitable for all ages.

Our doctors will also use it to treat spots, as well as telangiectasia and rosacea, both conditions where tiny blood vessels can cause red lines or patterns on your skin.

Thread veins treatment

Veinwave works by using very fine needles, inserted either end of the tread veins.  You will barely feel these extremely fine needles, which allow our doctors a highly accurate application of the treatment.

High frequency microwaves heat the blood vessels, creating a process called thermo-coagulation, resulting in the complete disappearance of the veins. Frequently, you may need a series of Veinwave treatments to remove all thread veins and achieve your desired look.