Skin booster treatments for hands and décolletage at Portsdown Skin and Beauty

Skin boosters for ageing skin

Hand care

Do you have thin, or crepe like skin on the back of your hands? However much we moisturise, your hands can make you seem older than you are.  Washing, working, gardening, outdoor sports – there are so many activities our hands are expected to endure!

As one of the most exposed parts of our body, it is no wonder that the skin on the back of hands can lose volume and elasticity.  Skin boosters  can help reduce the effects of life, work and ageing on your hands.


The same can be true for your décolletage, this highly sensitive and visible area below your neck, which also gets the full impact of exposure to the sun and elements. 

A course of skin boosters can noticeably improve your décolletage and means you can still wear elegant v-neck tops, dresses and your favourite necklaces, when ever you want.

Skin booster treatments

Skin boosters are dermal gels, which we use to super-rehydrate and rejuvenate your skin.  A series of tiny injections result in improved skin tone and skin elasticity.  Designed to restore the nutritional balance of your skin, skin boosters also improve skin tone and glow.

Before and after treatment


Décolletage before skin booster


Décolletage after skin booster


Hands before skin booster


Hands after skin booster