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Minor skin surgery

Skin conditions such as moles, cysts and lesions are relatively common and can cause unnecessary self-consciousness, embarrassment or become a cause of concern. Minor skin surgery is an increasingly popular solution for a wide variety of these skin conditions.  Many of these are entirely harmless, a source of irritation and affect numerous people. Having a truly perfect skin is extremely rare.

Portsdown Minor Surgery clinic has a variety of quick and easy procedures to remove these skin blemishes, improving your physical appearance, so you never need to worry about them again! Our expert team of surgeons have over 30 years combined experience in the surgical field and we have a 0% infection rate. Whether you have a skin tag, mole or any other kind of ‘lump or bump’ which you would like to have removed, a visit to our minor skin surgery clinic will remove the problem for you!


Popular treatments

Many skin blemishes and lesions are totally harmless.  Find out more about common skin tags, moles, cysts and their treatments.
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Skin checks

Changes to your skin can happen gradually, or sometimes a very rapid change can occur. It could be from sun damage or natural changes.   Regularly check your skin for signs of change.
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After a consultation our doctors will advise your best course action and our prices for your exact treatment.  See our minor skin surgery price guide for further details.
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It is natural to have a lot of questions before undertaking minor skin surgery.  Our doctors will cover most in your consultation but here’s our quick guide.
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