Treat your feet to our Footcare Revival package

Forget the detox – think ahead for holidays.

Our January offer is all about something special for a part of your body that does all the hard work – your feet.  So whilst others are worrying about detox and diets, remember that soon Christmas will be a distant memory.  It’s time to start thinking of booking holidays and getting ready for some spring sunshine.

So rather than detox we are offering a fantastic Footcare Revival package to get your feet ready for when the boots come off!

Session 1 – One hour foot check and treatment.

This includes a nail health check, total hard skin removal and nail buff, intense paraffin wax moisturising treatment and a foot massage. Try it and see the difference.  Your feet will feel amazing.

Session 2 – Pedicure with gel polish

This session will be booked in three weeks after your foot check and treatment. Allowing time for your feet to absorb the full effects of their revival package.

Overall Price £40

This two part foot pampering package runs over a three week period.