Portsdown Rehabilitation Clinic

Portsdown’s Rehabilitation Clinic is focused on curing back pain and a variety of other conditions. The new Clinic is headed up by Lisa Millson, a fully qualified exercise and rehabilitation Physiologist. Lisa has over 25 years experience in the health and sports industry.

The new clinic expands our range of services for the assessment and treatment of back pain. Lisa provide’s tailor made treatment plans for our clients.

Why do we get back pain?

Injuries do happen and over time chronic conditions can slowly emerge causing back pain.

Often we have situations such as prolonged sitting at a desk or regular use of equipment, which is not always the best way to use our bodies.  Repeatedly adopting similar postures and body movements over time, can cause injury or induce back pain.

Rehabilitation services

We have a full range of back pain and rehabilitation treatments:

  • Assessment clinic for back pain
  • Referral clinic
  • Deep tissue and sports massage
  • Body realignment
  • Theraband sessions
  • Flexibility sessions
  • Gait Analysis
  • Reflexology

Assessment Clinic

Your initial appointment will be an Assessment to develop your personal plan of exercises or further treatments.

Lisa, our Rehabilitation physiologist will prescribe the correct combination of exercises or treatments for you. She will give you exercises that concentrate on strengthening the back and core (abdominal) muscles.  These will help you to correct postural problems, release lower back or chronic back pains and aches. The assessment session also focuses on areas of high muscular tension and possible misalignment.