Portsdown Referral Clinic

Specialist services

Our Portsdown Referral Clinic is a specialist service for individuals with a variety of medical conditions.

We offer services that help with rehabilitation after an illness such as a stroke. And also treatments that provide relief from and improve day to day quality of life with ongoing health conditions.

Typical conditions

We can help treat a wide range of medical conditions at the Portsdown Referral Clinic, and these include:

  • Parkinsons disease
  • Stroke
  • MS (Multiple scelrosis)
  • Arthritis – all types
  • Cardiac rehabilitation – phase IV
  • Astham / COPD
  • Sports injuries – pre-diagnosed
  • Post knee and hip replacements


Sessions at the Portsdown Referral Clinic require a referral from your GP.  As well as for patients of the Portsdown Group, you can be referred by any GP practice to the Referral Clinic for treatment.

To find out more about the Clinic and our services, please contact us.

Call 02392 627766.