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Portsdown Rehabilitation Clinic Treatments

The range of treatments available at Portsdown Rehabilitation Clinic means we can treat individuals with a wide range of conditions. Whether you have occasional or chronic back problems, a recent injury or regular issues with sports related injuries, we will assess your situation and suggest the most appropriate course of treatments to speed your recovery.

Deep Tissue & Sports Massage

Our deep tissue massages focus on realigning deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues. They are helpful for chronic aches and tight areas.  The massage stretches and release muscles, increasing circulation and reducing pain.

Sports massages help alleviate stress and tension which build up during physical activity in the body’s soft tissues. Learn more about our range of Massage Treatments at Portsdown Rehabilitation Clinic.

Body Realignment

A subtle and powerful method of releasing physical damage is through body realignment.  Gentle pressure on the key points helps the body release the muscle holding patterns that cause postural misalignment.

Body realignment works well for back and neck pain, helping healing after injury or operations, sports injuries, poor healing scars, general muscle imbalance, repetitive strain injuries and postural dysfunctions.

Theraband sessions at Portsdown Skin and Beauty Clinic

Theraband Session

Therabands are a stretchy soft resistance band which come in different strength levels. They are used to increase muscle strength, improve coordination and endurance.  Exercises with the Theraband can help reduce muscle imbalance, improve posture, bone density, range of movement and balance.  The sessions will concentrate on your weaker area’s caused by injury, postural or other medical conditions.

Flexibility treatments and exercises

Flexibility Session

The flexibility sessions focus on stretching and release the areas which get tight.  Maintaining your flexibility allows your muscles and joints to work correctly, and helps reduce pain referring to other areas, such as your back.

Exercises include developmental stretches, Tai Chi moves, relaxation and breathing techniques to increase your flexibility and range of movement through your joints, muscles and tendons.

Gait Analysis

Gait analysis is used to treat individuals with conditions affecting their ability to walk.  It assesses balance, speed, flexibility, strength and gait characteristics.  Exercises will be prescribed to improve posture, coordination, body mechanics and muscular activity to increase and improve walking.


Reflexology is based on the theory that a mirror image of the body is reflected in the fleet.   Specific points of the foot are massaged, promoting healing and relaxation, which helps to reduce stress. Reflexology is a safe, enjoyable and non-invasive therapy, which helps to balance the whole body.

Reflexology can assist and support individuals through a diverse range of conditions from pregnancy to dementia. Everyone can benefit from it.

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