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Top 10 tips for healthy skin

Your skin is the only one you have. You don’t get a second one! A healthy skin makes you look great.  Taking good care of your skin can help delay the ageing process, for many years to come. Good skin care is not just about creams and pampering regimes. It is about healthy lifestyle choices, taking precautions, such as sun protection and gentle care and cleansing. Follow our Portsdown Skin and Beauty Top 10 Skin Care Tips below to help preserve your skin. And, ensure you check your skin regularly for any visible changes. Don’t leave things to chance.

Check your skin

#1 Be safe in the sun

Here on the South Coast we are lucky to be surrounded by the sand, sun, sea and South Downs. But with that also comes exposure to the wind and salt water too. Protection from the harsh ultra violet (UV) rays from the sun is one of the most important ways to take care of your skin.

Living an active and outdoor life is great fun, although over exposure to the sun can cause wrinkles, dryness and other skin problems. And, it can potentially increase the risk of skin cancer.  It is not just the sun that causes damage.  Even if the sun is not out, the wind and also light reflection from being on or in the water can also increase risks of sun burn and damage to your skin.


#2 Use good quality sunscreen

Always use a high factor cream of at least SPF20 or more. Reapply the sunscreen regularly, especially if you are in and out of the water, or so active you are sweating. Keep an eye on your skin for any changes, particularly if you spend prolonged periods outdoors.


#3 Wear a hat and sunglasses

Give your face some shade by wearing a hat when you are outdoors.

Good quality sunglasses will not only protect your eyes, they will prevent you having to squint.  Prolonged squinting creates wrinkling of the skin around your eyes, making you look older than you are.


#4 Cover up

Wearing long sleeves and trousers, when the sun is most intense can help protect your skin. Thin fabrics such as cotton and lycra do not protect you from burning. Many performance sports clothing brands now use UV protective fabrics. Cover your skin with tightly-woven, long-sleeved shirts, leggings and wide-brimmed hats. Certain laundry additives can give clothing an additional layer of ultraviolet protection.

If in doubt get it checked out!  Call us on 023 9262 7766 to book a consultation.


#5 Smoke free

As well as all the other health risks, smoking also makes your skin look older. It causes narrowing of the tiny blood vessels in the outermost layers of skin, which decreases blood flow, and deplete the skin of essential nutrients and oxygen. This contributes to causing wrinkles and damaging your skins’ elasticity and condition. Plus, the action of smoking, through pursed lips can cause wrinkling around the lips, and increase the ageing effect.

The best protection for your skin is to not smoke. Ask our doctors for advice and help to quit.

#6 Eat well

There numerous health benefits of eating well.  One of the most visible and noticeable is your skin. Eating plenty of fruits, vegetables of all different colours and varieties is now universally understood to improve our health, plus it gives us plenty of energy too.

Vegetables in particular contain a host of nutrients, minerals and vitamins essential to healthy skin.  Whole grains and pulses (rice, lentils, chick peas etc) and lean proteins such as chicken are important too.   Avoid fatty foods, such as burgers, too much carbohydrate (bread, pasta), sugary foods (cakes, biscuits) and too many processed foods. If you haven’t cooked it yourself,  do you know what is in it, despite the labeling?

Stick to the adage that if your Grandma does not recognise it, (ie it is not a natural, recognisable food from an animal or plant) then do not eat it!

#7 Keep hydrated

Drinking plenty of water allows our internal systems to function properly and helps flush out any toxins the body does not require. Fizzy drinks are full of sugar and tea and coffee act as diuretics.  In other words, they make our bodies dispel water. Drink alcohol in moderation as this is also a diuretic. Always drink water as well as alcohol.

#8 Sleep well

Getting a good nights rest also helps our skin. Sleeping helps our bodies repair and regenerate. So, if you are burning the candle at both ends, make sure you find some time to catch up on your sleep.

#9 De-stress

Continued stress can trigger skin problems, and is often combined with lack of sleep and access to healthy foods. This can happen in short phases in your life, such as business travel or work situations. However, it is important to not let it continue.

Take steps to manage your stress, plan your time, and do more of the things you enjoy to boost your overall well being. This in turn will encourage healthy skin.

#10 Kind skin care

Rigorous skin cleansing, make up removers and shaving can be detrimental to your skin. Keep things gentle!

  • Careful shaving – apply shaving cream, lotion or gel before shaving to protect and lubricate your skin. Always use a clean, sharp razor and shave in the direction the hair grows, not against it.
  • Pat dry – avoid scrubbing. To ensure some moisture remains on your skin after washing or bathing, gently pat or blot your skin dry with a towel. Avoid unnecessary rubbing that can make your skin sore.
  • Use moisturiser on dry skin – travelling, air conditioning, detergents, gardening and many other things can cause our skin to feel dry. If your skin is dry, use a good moisturiser regularly and ensure it is suited to your skin type.
  • Use mild soaps – preferably scent and chemical free. The milder the better to avoid striping the natural oils from your skin.
  • Shorter showers and baths – exposure to hot water from long baths or showers also removes the oils from your skin. Use warm rather than hot water, and moisturise afterwards, and especially if you have been swimming.